Dollars for Doers Program Rewards Passionate Volunteers

Dollars for Doers

Dollars for Doers Program Rewards Passionate Volunteers

October 8, 2021

Community impact is an integral part of our culture in the Rock Family of Companies, and we are proud to highlight the stories of Rock Family of Companies team members who are dedicated to volunteering in our communities. We are continually amazed and inspired by those that go above and beyond to show their support in a tangible way.

We wanted to celebrate our team member’s passion and make their volunteer contributions even more impactful. We also recognize that everyone’s situation is different. Some team members have more availability to commit their time to volunteering, while others may be equally dedicated but with limited time to spare. That’s why our Volunteer Engagement and Giving team created Dollars for Doers – a giving rewards program where team members can receive grants for volunteering a certain number of hours per calendar year. These grants are then donated to eligible nonprofit organizations of their choice.

The Dollars for Doers program is a tiered rewards program, with team members receiving a grant at each volunteer milestone. Team members can earn up to $400 in grants to support the nonprofits they care most about.

“I love the Dollars for Doers program, because it gives us two ways to impact our community through both volunteering and giving,” said Ali Sanders, a Trainer at Rock Central. “It’s incredible to know that every hour I spend working in the community will go towards earning those grants. It’s been a tremendous blessing to watch those funds I earned from volunteering go towards funding some of the same events I spend my free time supporting.”

That’s exactly what Rocket Mortgage Team Leader Tiffany Braden did – and she took it to the next level. “This program has been impactful as not only are we able to volunteer our time as team members, but we’re also able to continue to make a bigger impact by providing funds to continue the cause.” Braden is passionate about supporting a school called New Hope in Kibera, Kenya. The surrounding community is plagued by poverty and food insecurity, and residents there lack access to basic medical care and resources essential for survival. Local students who attend New Hope are given meals and the resources they need to graduate 8th grade, along with a scholarship to continue on to a good high school.

Braden has traveled to Kibera twice to volunteer at the school and donates her Dollars for Doers grants to the nonprofit organization that keeps the school running.  “This type of volunteering has helped me to remain humble and thankful. I need these moments to help keep me grounded and focused on the future and the hope that I have for our world,” she said. “I get to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

For Rock Central Copywriter Amanda Shackelford, Dollars for Doers is about access. The grants she received were used to support organizations providing critical healthcare and employment services to Detroit residents. “These are basic necessities not always available to everyone,” she said. “It’s important for the folks in our community to have these resources, and I’m passionate about actively participating and contributing to my community.”  Since Dollars for Doers grants can be donated to any 501c3 organization in the United States, team members have endless choices of how to use their grants. And since their grants were earned through volunteering, their donations feel especially meaningful.

This type of purposeful interaction between team members and our communities is an integral part of our culture. “The Family of Companies’ dedication to making a positive impact is sincere, and Dollars for Doers is a great way for our volunteer hours to convert to actual donations for organizations that help our city thrive,” said Shackleford.

Braden thinks the program as a good way to reinforce the connections team members have to our communities. “We are a team, we are a community, we are a family, and we are a nation,” she said. “It takes organizations like Rocket Mortgage to be a part of the change we want to see in the world!” Our 30,000 team members are living that change every day, through programs that Dollars for Doers that empower them to make a real difference.


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