Rocket Community Fund Study Shows Economic and Social Impact of Providing Eviction Defense Support

Rocket Community Fund Study Shows Economic and Social Impact of Providing Eviction Defense Support

May 18, 2022

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the housing stability of Detroit residents, the Rocket Community Fund engaged Stout, a global investment bank and advisory firm, to analyze the costs and benefits of providing legal services for tenants in eviction proceedings in Detroit.

In its research, Stout analyzed 30,000 eviction case filings from the 36th District Court and found that approximately 4 percent of tenants were represented, while 83 percent of landlords were represented. This enormous discrepancy has significant negative outcomes for unrepresented tenants. Stout found that tenants with representation are nearly 18 times more likely to avoid disruptive displacement than those without representation. 

Click the graphic below to read Stout’s full report and learn how a lack of access to legal resources negatively impacts renters and leads to greater instability in our communities. The report also illustrates how a focused investment on providing access can generate positive economic benefits for Detroit. 

A lack of access to legal resources is one of the inequitable systems driving negative outcomes for renters in our communities. Stout’s research demonstrates clearly that making an investment to support access to counsel will not only help tenants remain stably housed, but also generate significant economic returns for the city.

Rocket Community Fund is proud to support efforts to balance this inequity, including the Gilbert Family Foundation’s recent launch of the Detroit Eviction Defense Fund, which will bolster access to legal services for renters. Check out the full press release at the Gilbert Family Foundation’s website to learn more about this impactful program.


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