Rock FOC Raises $1.3M+ in the 2021 Community Challenge

Community Challenge 2021

Rock FOC Raises $1.3M+ in the 2021 Community Challenge

September 28, 2021

In August, we kicked off the 2021 Community Challenge, our annual crowdfunding campaign. This month-long fundraising event provides our team members with a unique opportunity to make an impact on the causes that matter most to them: by nominating, advocating, and raising money for the causes the nonprofit organizations they care about. This year, our team members nominated an unprecedented number of organizations to participate in the Community Challenge. And together, we made an impact in a big way.

We couldn’t do it alone. Our team members invited their friends, families and connections on social media to share their support and join the cause. Alltogether, we raised more than $1.3M for these nonprofits. Take a look at the infographic below to see where we made the biggest impact, and which nonprofits won extra cash prizes by raising the most money. 

Learn more about the Community Challenge here

2021 Community Challenge Impact Infographic


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