Detroit Demo Day Profile: Detroit Training Center

Detroit Training Center

Detroit Demo Day Profile: Detroit Training Center

August 19, 2021

In this blog series, we reconnect with Detroit Demo Day alumni to see where they are now, and the impact that winning our annual pitch competition had on their business. This post features Patrick Beal, CEO and Founder of Detroit Training Center, who was one of our Detroit Demo Day winners in its inaugural year back in 2017.

Business: Detroit Training Center (

Founder: Patrick Beal, CEO

Year Established: 2012

Mission: Dedicated to providing adults with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to add value to themselves, their families, their communities and ultimately the American workforce.

Demo Day Year: 2017

Award: $150,000 interest-free loan

Impact of the Detroit Demo Day experience: “Demo Day was a blessing to Detroit Training Center. The capital and publicity helped us meet the growing needs of the business as we expanded into several new areas.”

What they’re up to now: “We’ve continued to grow as we provide training for new and higher-paying positions in construction, transportation, and manufacturing. Additionally, we now offer programs in heavy equipment operation, truck driving, masonry, and welding.”  

Where they see their business in 5 years: “DTC will continue to grow our employer partnerships to provide training for the highest wage occupations in our areas of focus.”

Advice to other entrepreneurs: “The most important concept in starting a new business is that Minimum Viable Product.  You don’t need to do everything at once, you just need to do one thing well and everything else can build on that.”

–Patrick Beal, Founder and CEO of Detroit Training Center


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