Rocket Mortgage Launches New Commercial Campaign Supporting Built for Zero Movement

Rocket Mortgage Launches New Commercial Campaign Supporting Built for Zero Movement

December 1, 2020

Last Thanksgiving, Rocket Mortgage launched a national commercial campaign to highlight our support for Built for Zero and our commitment to ending veteran homelessness. That campaign featured real veterans from across the country who experienced homelessness but were able to find help from their communities, who are committed to the Built for Zero movement.

This year, we are proud to share a new campaign that features the unique story of one veteran: John Meier, a Marine Corps veteran who experienced homelessness after losing his job. Like other veterans in Built for Zero communities, John received the aid of his community and was able to secure housing and get back on his feet.

John’s story is unique, however, because he went on to take a leading role in helping Abilene reach Functional Zero for veteran homelessness. We were honored to tell John’s story because it was a reminder that homelessness does not have to be a permanent condition in our society. Built for Zero has proved that ending homelessness is achievable with the right approach: an emphasis on accurate by-name data, a commitment to innovation and testing new interventions, and a collaborative mindset shared across the community that is focused on the explicit goal of ending homelessness.

To see John’s story for yourself, watch the commercial below or visit, which talks more about the campaign, our support for Built for Zero, and the incredible progress happening in communities across the country.

If you were watching football on Thanksgiving Day, you might also have seen our ongoing #SixForService campaign. This incredible partnership with the NFL has helped to raise more than $300,000 toward the fight to end veteran homelessness.

While you can’t score a touchdown yourself, you can still support this important movement! If you’re considering making a donation on this Giving Tuesday, check out the Built for Zero website, where every dollar raised today will be matched in recognition of #GivingTuesday.


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