Community Solutions Selected as a Finalist for the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change Grant Competition

Community Solutions Selected as a Finalist for the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change Grant Competition

July 20, 2020

Since 2018, Rocket Mortgage is proud to have been the lead corporate sponsor of Built for Zero, a national initiative of 81 cities and counties working to measurably end homelessness nationwide. This critical initiative is more important than ever before as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vital housing is to public health.

Today, we’re proud to share that Community Solutions, which runs Built for Zero, was named one of six finalists for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s #100andChange competition. The winner will receive a $100 million grant to fund a proposal “that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time.” 

“We are deeply grateful that our proposal has been selected as a finalist of the 100&Change competition,” said Rosanne Haggerty, President of Community Solutions. “At Community Solutions, we believe homelessness is one of the most critical problems of our time, and that the presence — or absence — of homelessness is a bellwether for the kind of society we want. We are honored that the MacArthur Foundation recognizes the opportunity to accelerate an end to homelessness across the country.” 

Through Built for Zero, cities and counties have changed how their systems respond by adopting a data-driven, community-wide approach to end homelessness. As a result:

  • 12 communities have ended homelessness for a population
  • 48 communities have driven measurable reductions
  • 122,205 individuals have been housed by Built for Zero communities

The application was one of 755 proposals considered, and MacArthur’s Board will name the winner in the spring of 2021. Check out the video below for more information on how Built for Zero is working to solve homelessness. 

Laura Grannemann, Vice President of the Quicken Loans Community Fund, the philanthropic arm of lead sponsor Rocket Mortgage, said: “For too long, homelessness has been seen as a personal failure. Community Solutions has flipped the script, recognizing homelessness as the public health crisis that it is, while also proving that this seemingly intractable issue can be solved through data and collaboration. We are proud to partner with an organization that has achieved functional zero in a dozen communities across the country, and is on its way to doing so in dozens more.”

Last year, Rocket Mortgage released the Neighbors campaign, a compelling national advertising campaign about the important work of Built for Zero to house our nation’s veterans. You can learn more about our support for Built for Zero at


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